Liphe believes that the event horizon in a species' evolution is when said species acquires the ability to intentionally shape its own evolutionary future. It is the goal of Liphe to help usher in this era and to ensure that the powerful technologies and events that drive this evolution will be used responsibly for the greatest benefit (both span - greatest number; and depth - greatest degree) of sentient beings and ecologies.

The way that this bright future will unfold is still unknown. Certainly individuals' personal evolution of consciousness and various societies' collective evolution of consciousness, as well as further research into all areas of human and post human inquiry will all play a part. The telescoping unfolding of this evolution will be interesting to no end and will likely culminate in a state of existence incomparable to any known in our human history.

If you would like to aid in this endeavor, please check out the links in the "Evolve" section of this website.

Additional Liphe content will be added at some undefined point in the future.